WESTAF is an arts nonprofit dedicated to building thriving creative sectors. An experienced developer of innovative technology solutions such as the Public Art Archive™ and Creative Vitality™ Suite, WESTAF assists public agencies and artists in their quest to serve diverse audiences, enrich the lives of local communities, and provide access to the arts and arts education for all.

The Public Art Archive is a growing online and mobile database of completed public artworks that provides a suite of collection-management tools for public artists and organizations. By uniting records from public art organizations and artists into one comprehensive resource, the Archive aims to raise awareness about the value of public art and help make it possible for stakeholders to advance the professionalism of public artists and practitioners in allied fields.

In addition to the online and mobile database of completed public artworks throughout the world, PAA also offers:

  • A collection management system built to capture the public art workflow.
  • Technology-driven tools for driving sustained engagement.
  • Collection-specific maps that connect members of the public to art worldwide.
  • Network of resources built to make public art more public.
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Creative Vitality Suite

The tool contains information on nonprofit cultural revenues and nearly 80 creative industries and 60 creative occupations.

  • Define the region of analysis
  • Share a Snapshot Report
  • Present the most current annual trends
  • Benchmark with the Creative Vitality Index (CVI)
  • Select your creative economy codes
  • Reliable and trusted data sources
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