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CaFÉ and the Public Art Archive are powered by WESTAF, a 46-year-old nonprofit arts service organization and experienced developer of technology solutions for the arts that are used in all 50 states and internationally. WESTAF assists state arts agencies, arts organizations, and artists in their quest to serve diverse audiences, enrich the lives of local communities, and provide access to the arts and arts education for all. 

WESTAF has long supported public art through technology, convenings, and publications. In 2005, WESTAF developed CallforEntry.org™ (CaFÉ™) to specifically address the arduous, resource-heavy paper submission process that many public art programs struggled with. Then in 2010, WESTAF created the Public Art Archive™ (PAA™), a growing online and mobile database of completed public artworks across the U.S.,to make public art more public. Hundreds of public art organizations across the country have used these systems to streamline their public art processes and bring visibility to their collections.

Rise With Strength. Nicole Ferree, Lisa Gauker, James Murray, Justin Lorenzen, Amanda Chronister and Two Dudes Painting. 2005. Lancaster Public Art Collection. Photo courtesy City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Create an Opportunity, Increase Visibility, and Make Public Art More Public!

Simplify your workflow by bundling the leading call-for-entry application and adjudication system with our suite of collection-management and engagement tools. We’ll help you streamline your entire process, from project planning through artist selection to artwork conservation.

With both systems, you can:

  • Access over 160,000 emerging and established artists 
  • Manage project details and full collection 
  • Increase your collection’s visibility and build awareness
  • Encourage exploration and preserve the transforming history of public spaces

Get ahead of your upcoming projects! Subscribe to both Public Art Archive and CaFÉ before Sept. 30, 2020, and you’ll receive special discount pricing. Complete the form below to get more information on bundle pricing or if you are interested in learning more about either system.

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Nine Lives. Peter Reiquam. 2013. Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Collection. Photo courtesy Kelly Pajek.

Throne of Nyoka. Keith Oliver. 2004. Albuquerque Public Art Collection. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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