WESTAF Update Notes #109 | May 2020

This is the 109th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   WESTAF COVID-19 Response Since March, WESTAF has tracked the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the arts field in the West as well as related policy and funding developments, sharing this information with arts service organizations and arts funders in the West and nationally as we formulate ways to provide relief to the field. WESTAF continues to revise the COVID-19 Update and Resources web pages on our website, and a presentation/briefing is updated weekly, providing deeper insights on state-by-state responses to the impact of…
Samantha Ortega
May 28, 2020

WESTAF Update Notes #107 | January 2020

This is the 107th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   PAA Announces Collection-Specific Interactive Maps The Public Art Archive™ (PAA) recently launched a new interactive mapping feature for public art collections. Collection Maps make engaging with public art easier than ever by giving visitors the ability to visualize public art collections on an interactive map, navigate to specific works of art, and discover artwork details. The feature replaces the need for development of costly websites and apps that drain time and resources on public art organizations. This latest addition to PAA’s suite of products and…
Samantha Ortega
January 22, 2020

WESTAF Update Notes #103 | May 2019

This is the 103rd in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   Multicultural Advisory Committee Meeting in Seattle WESTAF’s Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) had a productive meeting in Seattle April 16-17. The Committee was joined by Washington-based WESTAF trustees as well as cultural leaders from various Seattle-based organizations, including LANGSTON, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience. The conversation focused on the importance and impact of a sustained investment in racial and social justice work and the need for cultural organizations rooted in community to inform…
Samantha Ortega
July 23, 2019

Update Notes #101 | January 2019

  WESTAF Update Notes #101 | January 2019 From Leah Horn, Director of Communications, WESTAF This is the 101st in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF.   Update on Emerging Leaders of Color Program 2018 In the fall of 2018, WESTAF hosted 13 arts administrators for its seventh annual professional development program for emerging leaders of color. The program was facilitated by faculty Margie Johnson Reese, a longtime national arts leader; Salvador Acevedo, Vice President of Culture Strategy for the San Francisco-based innovation strategy consulting firm Scansion; and Tamara Alvarado, Executive Director at the Leo M.…
Samantha Ortega
March 1, 2019

Update Notes #96 | March 2018

WESTAF Update Notes #96 | March 2018 From Anthony Radich, Executive Director This is the 96th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF. Public Art Archive™ Collection Management System In March of 2018, the public art field will have access to a collection-management system developed by the Public Art Archive in collaboration with technology partner CollectionSpace. The tool has been built specifically for public art collections and will accommodate the workflow of the public art process from commissioning through conservation. The system is designed to reduce staff time while increasing the flow of information to administrators,…
Natalie Villa
March 5, 2018

Update Notes #95 | December 2017

WESTAF Update Notes #95 | December 2017 From Anthony Radich, Executive Director   This is the 95th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF. Successful Symposium on Public Art in Honolulu WESTAF partnered with the Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts and Forecast Public Art to organize WESTAF's 17th cultural policy symposium, The Future History of Public Art, in Honolulu. The event brought together public art administrators, artists, critics, curators, academics, preservationists, and researchers from six countries, including New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Canada, and the U.S. The focus of the symposium was to…
Natalie Villa
December 11, 2017

Update Notes #88 | August 2016

WESTAF Update Notes #88 | August 2016 From Anthony Radich, Executive Director This is the 88th in a continuing series of update about the work of WESTAF Louisiana Partners with CVSuite™ The Louisiana Office of Cultural Development has entered into a multi-year partnership with WESTAF to use extensive data from the Creative Vitality Suite™ (CVSuite). An important feature of the partnership is the development of several enhancements to the CVSuite tool, including additional creative industry and occupation codes in the culinary and restoration occupation sectors to better capture the diversity of Louisiana’s creative economy. The updates will be available in…
leah horn
August 8, 2016

Update Notes #84 | July 2015

WESTAF Update Notes #84 | July 2015 From Anthony Radich, Executive Director This is the 84th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF Applicants Sought for 2015 Emerging Leaders of Color Program Applicants are currently being invited to apply to participate in the WESTAF seminar for emerging leaders of color. The seminar will be held October 26-28, 2015, in Denver. Selected participants are invited to attend the seminar at no cost, and travel and lodging expenses are paid by WESTAF. Organized by Chrissy Deal, WESTAF's program associate for multicultural initiatives, participants work with a core faculty…
adam sesktokas
July 31, 2015

Update Notes #83 | May 2015

WESTAF Update Notes #83 | May 2015 From Anthony Radich, Executive Director This is the 83rd in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF Visit Our Exhibitor Table at the AFTA Convention in Chicago Several WESTAF staff will be attending the Americans for the Arts Convention June 12-14, in Chicago. We invite you to stop by our table and say hello! Program, technical, management, and sales staff will be available to answer questions about current WESTAF projects and to provide updates on some of our latest projects as well. This year’s table will feature the recently launched…
adam sesktokas
July 2, 2015

Update Notes #76 | June 2013

WESTAF Update Notes #76 | June 2013 From Anthony Radich, Executive Director This is the 76th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF CaFÉ™ Launches More User-Requested Enhancements WESTAF’s CaFÉ system recently released a new “Letters of Reference” feature, which allows organizations to accept formal letters of reference and letters of recommendation as part of their application requirements. With this new capability, CaFÉ can now be used for graduate school portfolio admissions, grant, fellowship, and scholarship awards–as well as any other application process in which formal letters of reference may be required. For more information about…
adam sesktokas
July 2, 2015