We are delighted to announce that David Holland, WESTAF’s director of public policy, will be assuming a more expansive role at WESTAF, under the newly revised title of director of impact and public policy. In addition to his current portfolio leading WESTAF’s Alliances, Advocacy and Public Policy (AAP) division and serving as an advisor to the Creative Vitality™ Suite team, he will also be responsible for the design, development, resourcing, implementation and maintenance of the complete WESTAF program portfolio, which includes both the AAP and Social Responsibility and Inclusion (SRI) divisions. These responsibilities include the leadership of new programs and initiatives, strategies to maximize synergies among program areas to drive impact, and program evaluation and reporting. Holland will also supervise the work of the incoming director of social responsibility and inclusion. In this capacity, Holland will work in close collaboration with this team leader to build and execute WESTAF programs and services that proactively advance equity by supporting BIPOC leaders, rural leaders, and organizations serving underserved and under-resourced communities in the West. Holland’s deep knowledge and experience in all of this work coupled with his management skills, as well as his thoughtful ongoing supervision of the SRI team during this time of transition, will make WESTAF even more effective as we move into the future serving the people, organizations, and places in our western states and beyond. Congratulations, David!