Update Notes #68 | February 2012

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WESTAF Update Notes #68 | February 2012
From Anthony Radich, Executive Director
This is the 68th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF

ZAPP® Onsite is Here!
ZAPPlication® is launching ZAPP® Onsite, an on-site adjudication tool that allows judges at art festivals to walk a show and score each booth on an iPad. With this application, judges no longer have to carry around notebooks, binders, and clipboards when walking booth-to-booth to determine Best in Show and other awards. Also, because ZAPP® Onsite syncs directly with the ZAPP® system to store and access on-site scores and locate award winners in minutes, judges are able to view images artists have submitted for jurying and compare them to those presented at the show. This tool frees up staff, volunteer, and administration time as the juror’s on-site scores can be viewed by the show staff or exported into a spreadsheet for easy record keeping online via the ZAPP® website. For more information about this new application, contact ZAPP® Manager Leah Charney at 303-629-1166 or

WESTAF’s 14th Cultural Policy Symposium Sessions Announced
The 2012 WESTAF symposium, Engaging Data: Arts and Culture Research in the Digital Age, will be held in Los Angeles, April 12-14, 2012. The symposium will address the issue that in all fields, technology is massively increasing both the volume and variety of data available for research. One result is that the cultural field is experiencing a steady stream of new data-rooted applied and scholarly research. A new challenge created by this invigorated research activity is the need for the field to better understand the quality of the methodologies used in such research, and also the adequacy of the research results.

Some issues that will be considered in this forum are: How do arts advocates, policy makers, participants, and patrons make the most of these data? What new empirical or theoretical insights can researchers gain through the integration and analysis of previously disconnected data sets? If there are common themes emerging from new data-based research, how are we to connect them? And what types of previously unasked questions are provoked by this new data environment? This symposium brings together experts on arts and cultural data to discuss innovative ways for managing, analyzing, and using data. View the agenda at:

Visit Our Exhibitor Table at the College Arts Association Conference in Los Angeles
If you are in Los Angeles at the College Art Association Conference February 22-25, please stop by WESTAF’s exhibitor table. Learn more about WESTAF’s technology and research offerings, the Public Art Archive’s™ new Collection Showcase feature and mobile site, or just to say hello! If you would like to schedule a time in advance to talk with a staff member about any project during the conference, please contact Leah Horn at

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