Update Notes #80 | July 2014

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WESTAF Update Notes #80 | July 2014
From Anthony Radich, Executive Director
This is the 80th in a continuing series of updates about the work of WESTAF

Resolutions Project Prepares for Public Launch
To help state leaders understand how to make more and better use of their state arts agencies, WESTAF has launched the Resolutions Project. The project is designed to inform elected officials and other leaders of ways they can partner with state arts agencies around education reform, economic development, tourism development, and other key state agenda items. Currently, the project is being introduced to the governing boards of the WESTAF-region state arts agencies and will next be promoted within the regional organizations to which the elected officials belong and that they commonly tap for information to assist them in decision making about key issues.

CaFÉ™ Announces New Packages for Public Art Agencies (CaFÉ), one of WESTAF’s three online application and adjudication systems, continues to grow. Project staff recently developed new pricing specifically for public art agencies based on an annual subscription format. The new subscription approach reduces the government purchasing and procurement burdens faced by many public art administrators and was created to ensure that CaFÉ becomes more broadly available for use by public art agencies and by public artists to compete for commissions. For more information on this new pricing, please contact Kat Stephenson at

By the way, did you know that WESTAF has been championing public art for nearly 40 years? Our 1976 publication, % for Art: New Legislation Can Integrate Arts and Architecture, served as an early advocacy tool and influential best practices text on government-backed percent-for-art programs for the public good. A PDF version of the publication will soon be available on our Publications page.™ Now in Beta
The new Creative Vitality™ Suite is very near public launch. While the development team conducts final testing of the tool, project staff is providing complimentary demonstrations of the CVSuite’s offerings and introducing the newly available data. Over the past six weeks, the team has conducted demonstrations for leaders in the arts field, arts researchers, arts consultants, and directors of arts-administration programs. To schedule a demonstration before the site officially launches to the public, please contact Ivan Frias. Explore what the new tool has to offer at

Planning for Dinner-Vention #2 Under Way
The second Dinner-Vention program will be held in early October in Denver. The forum, which brings together young leaders who are active in the cultural policy field, was developed by Barry’s Blog editor Barry Hessenius with the support of WESTAF and Shannon Daut, executive director of the Alaska State Council on the Arts. The names of the eight participants in the event will be released soon, and the field will be informed regarding ways to listen in on the conversation.

Congratulations to the California Arts Council
After an incredible effort, the California Arts Council has received a $5 million budget increase. The increase is for one year only; however, the Council is expected to work hard to make the new funds permanent. This increase was the result of tireless efforts by the Council, its staff, and the California Arts Advocates. WESTAF earned-income funds supported a portion of the costs associated with this advocacy effort.

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